Dustin Brinkman for Kansas Senate 1st district

Everyday I stand up for our rural communities, farmers, small businesses and schools. Kansas deserves better, leaders who are socially and fiscally responsible. Please, join us today. #NEXTGENKS

Breaking: Dustin Brinkman launches campaign to unseat 4 term GOP state senator. Official Press Release.

Keeping up with Dustin

Technology Impacts Ag Across Kansas

Farmers struggling with trade issues, falling prices, and a changing climate push to become more efficient with both resources and finances.


It is far past time to bring a new brand of leadership to our state. One not guided by partisan or extremist views. 

I pledge to do what is right for the First District.

  • Support Business and Job Growth
  • Advocate for our Rural Communities
  • Enhance Access to Quality Education
  • Improve the Safety of our Transportation Networks¬†
  • Drive an Efficient and Transparent Government


Supporting our Rural Communities

Over the last 10 years 82 percent of Kansas cities lost population, according to a University of Kansas report. We need comprehensive solutitons to slow this decline so our kids are able to live in our small communities and rural areas. As population declines so do services which cause more people to flee for urban areas. Its time to buck the trend.

Transparent Government

Citizens are becoming less connected to government and their representitves each year. Our legislature, exectuitve branch, and local governments must work to become more transparent and accessible through more effective policy, open processes, and the use of technology.

A Quality Education for All

Our educational system needs to be pushed to be the best through full funding and evolving our schools. Districts from large to small need to have access to more advanced classes, technical training, and career path based curriculum. Districts should be incentivised to work together on achieveing goals in the classroom to prepare our students for the workforce.

It’s time to join our team!

Change begins with one person at a time. Our State is ready for a renascence will you be a part of it?