About Dustin

Husband and Father.
Business Leader.
Rural Advocate.

As a lifelong Kansan, I have been able to experience life from Paola near the eastern border to Lakin in the southwest. Our state is a beautiful land with amazing people – natives, transplants, and immigrants.

I was raised by a single mother who pushed me and my siblings to strive for more each and every day. Watching her complete college to become a special education teacher while raising three kids was an inspiration.

Summers, weekends, and evenings were spent on my grandparents’ farm. Lessons learned through hard work and business discussions with my grandfather guide me today.

After graduating from high school in Paola, I attended Kansas State where I obtained a Bacholor’s degree in Secondary Education. Post-graduation I was able to teach in Jetmore and Garden City in western Kansas.

After four years of teaching, I was recruited to move to the private sector to train governments on open government and transparency technology. Since moving to the private sector, I have moved from training to sales and marketing, managing the central region of the United States for my company where I consult and market our government technology products that allow cities and counties to better connect and communicate with their citizens.

My beautiful wife Emily and I moved to Hoyt about five years ago. With my daughter and son we are proud to be a part of our community.

We are active in our community and involved with the Royal Valley school district. I was elected to the Hoyt City Council in 2017, where I focus on water policy. In 2016, my family started the Jim and Marge Stainbrook Foundation which is a 501(c)3 that supports scholarships for students heading to technical schools and to support less fortunate students’ needs.

This great state deserves better from our elected leaders. We should strive to make this state the envy of the nation. Every Kansan should have an opportunity to succeed, and that starts when we make sure EVERY school is world class. When we educate our citizens at an elite level, we can attract ANY business. When we attract new business, we will stem the tide of population flight to our neighboring states.

 “While he’s someone I’ve worked with closely over the past decade, I’ve come to admire and respect Dustin for something much greater than his work ethic. He has a passion – a genuine passion – for honest, practical governance and the well-being of his fellow Kansans.”

Jesse Manning

Vice President, Business Development