Building a New Rural Kansas Economy

Everyday Kansas are leaving our rural communities for urban areas. We must be more competitive with urban areas to keep companies from moving or to attract new ones. Expanding access to broadband internet, having top notch schools and training programs, and safe transportation networks will help us attract and keep jobs in rural Kansas.

We must stop the population loss now. Your kids and mine must not be forced to move to a a large metropolitan area to succeed. 


Education and Career Preparation

Education can be the silver bullet. We must fully fund K-12 schools, increase special education services, push career preparation paths, and develop better online class options to expand our students’ opportunity to prepare for their future.  

Our state must also renew a focus on community and technical colleges to both train young people entering the workforce but also develop programs to refine career skills for expeirnced workers.


Transportation and Infrastructure

We must close the bank of KDOT. Investing in infrastructure has an amazing return on investment. We are able to keep Kansas workers employed to build and maintain these projects, enhance access to our communities, increase safety, and reduce maintenance on our vehicles. 

 Our State should be investing in the latest technologies to support transportation, essential services such as water and sewer, and broadband through fiber, wireless, and 5G.


Open & Transparent Government

Kansas has one of the most shadowed government in the nation. Gut and go legislation, lack of meeting archives, ancient communication methods, and blind no-bid contracts all must end. 

For over the last decade I have dedicated my life to assisting governments in becoming more transparent. Utilizing technology that is readily available our state can open the curtains and stop hiding how our government works.